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Art Legal is the leader in art consulting, luxury assets management, and advisement. Our network of expert advisors, consultants, and curators, and legal analysts, and researchers serve individuals, non-profits, museums, corporations, collectors, artists, and other art institutions and share our expertise in Luxury, Fashion, and Art Market Insights.

At Art Legal, we are committed to revolutionizing the art world, and we believe that change begins with a strong foundation of integrity, ethics, and transparency.


Our mission is driven by two key branches- consulting and curation - both working in harmony to usher in a new era in art engagement.


We actively support and promote arts & cultural heritage protection and share information, articles, courses and news on  the art market, art law, research, provenance, repatriation, and art crime.


Shaping the Future
of art


Integrity, Ethics, and Transparency

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Kimberly Babin
Arts Advisory

Kimberly Babin Art Advisory


Through Art & Ambience

We believe that art consulting is about making thoughtful art selections that enhance and elevate every space by having a vision and bringing it to life. From hospitality to corporate to residential, art is never an afterthought.

Featured Artwork from our artists

Where your vision becomes your reality.

Our curators and design team work together to deliver carefully curated environments with your style and goals in mind. We work with individuals for their living & entertaining spaces, offices, and intimate environments as well as with the hospitality and luxury hotels industries.

Featured Artists


An iconic globally renowned fashion photographer - with his work elevating from behind the scenes as an industry photographer and reaching heights of the global art market as an artist and photographer - Jvdas has become known for his unique vision and ability to seamlessly merge elements of fashion, luxury, fine art and photography and as a true artist.

Born in Mexico, Berra began his career as a cinematographer, which is evidential in his work today in the way that his work can both communicate a feeling and story so rich that the viewer is transported into a different world. Berra’s eye and skill soon became coveted in the fashion industry and is regularly featured in top fashion publications like Vogue, GQ, Forbes, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, and numerous others. He also was recently named Shon Switzerland’s Creative director. Berra has collaborated with Givenchy, Ferragamo, Calvin Klein, and UNICEF amongst other designers, brands, and editorial clients.

His Mexican Heritage influences his aesthetic through passion-filled, vibrant, lively, energy and colors. His artistic choices reflect his desire to inspire the viewer to experience what he calls the “ride of the soul” and to immerse themselves in the often dream-like realms where perhaps they can take a moment of solace, reprieve, and awe.

His images, striking and thought provoking, have created a multifaceted and dynamic body of work that is ultimately beautiful and meaningful.

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ABout Us

Founder & CEO Kimberly Babin
Kimberly Babin

Founder & CEO, Fine Art Curator, Art Consultant, Art Law Specialist & Arts Advisor.


We work with a network of art industry professionals and collaborate with non-profits, museums & institutions.

Ilaria Borot Arts Conultant
Ilaria Bortot

Global Consultant and Contributor specializing in Art Law and Cultural Heritage

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Disclaimer: The firm and website does not provide legal representation. Information available on this website is for education purposes and arts consulting and advisement and should not be construed as legal advice from an attorney. Information, opinions, or commentary concerning the art market, financial markets, economic conditions, laws, or other topical subject matter are prepared, written, or created prior to publication and do not always reflect current, up-to-date, market or economic conditions. Art Legal disclaims any responsibility to update such information, opinions, or commentary. To the extent views presented forecast art and financial market activity, they may be based on many factors in addition to those explicitly stated in this material.

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