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Lake Shelbyville Sunrise II Oil 20x20 - Carol Kessler.jpg

Carol Kessler

Lake Shelbyville Sunrise I Pastel 10.5x 13.25 - Carol Kessler.jpg

Carol Kessler

Exploring my surroundings, whether where I live or where I travel, I find beauty that I want to share and remember. Through the process of using either oil paint sticks or soft pastel, images from my experiences are embedded in my mind. Whether capturing those images en plein air or from my photographs in my studio, I choice to be very in touch with the medium by picking it up with my fingers, and sometimes moving it around with my fingers, rather than using a brush. Colors are created through the layering for many colors to create a rich mixture. My style changes somewhat with my mood and feeling at the times I do my mark making on the surface.


My college training was in art education at Eastern Illinois University earning as Bachelors Degree. My Master of Art Degree was in Art Studio. I enjoy teaching others and to be taught by others to enhance innate qualities already present. Having taught art in the public school, I know volunteer time with Keepers of the Arts to promote and educate the public in the arts.

Sunrise in the Caribbean Pastel 16X20 - Carol Kessler.jpg

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