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Cyril Maccioni

Cyril Maccioni

Cyril Maccioni, a French artist born in 1975, embarked on a lifelong creative odyssey from a tender age. His artistic journey has been shaped by a diverse range of experiences and a deep-rooted passion for creation. Graduating from the University of Corsica, he initially followed a path as a firefighter before venturing into the world of professional modeling. Yet, his true inspirations are deeply intertwined with his beloved homeland, Corsica, and the far-flung corners of the globe he has explored. Cyril Maccioni's artistic journey is a testament to the power of self-discovery and the boundless possibilities of creative exploration. His ability to seamlessly navigate between the worlds of sculpture and functional design showcases his versatility and passion for innovation. With each piece he creates, Cyril invites us to see the world through his artistic lens, where the beauty of nature and the elegance of minimalist design converge in perfect harmony.

In 2013, Cyril took a pivotal step, establishing his own studio in Vignale, Haute-Corse. Within these creative walls, he began to weave his artistic tapestry, skillfully manipulating and assembling an array of materials that had long captivated his imagination. Wood, steel, glass, plexiglass, fabrics, and composite materials became his artistic companions. As a self-taught sculptor, Cyril Maccioni not only shapes his unique artistic pieces but also designs and crafts everyday objects, imbuing them with his signature minimalist style. Nature serves as his wellspring of inspiration, infusing his work with a profound sense of simplicity and harmony.

Initially, his artistic flair manifested through designing furniture, an endeavor that drew him to distinct materials like wood, steel, and concrete. His exploration led him towards lighter composite materials, marking the turning point in his career. It was through this adaptation that he emerged as a sculptor and visual artist, continuing to create pieces that distinctly stand apart from each other, embodying the diversity of his thoughts and experiences. Maccioni recognized the necessity of employing lightweight materials to facilitate the creation of his large-scale artworks without exerting undue strain on his physical health. Thus, he explored and adopted the use of composite materials such as fiberglass, resin, and carbon fiber. Maccioni’s seminal pieces, constructed from these innovative materials, won him public recognition during exhibitions hosted by cultural centers, subsequently leading to wider exposure in various art galleries. Distinctly modern in his artistic approach, Maccioni often grapples with diverse themes in his work. He passionately addresses issues like animal protection and the fragility of our planet, while also exploring intricate human constructs like our relationships with money and love. His work serves as a mirror for the public, subtly challenging viewers to question their perceptions and values.

Although Maccioni’s time for leisure is scarce due to his dedication to his craft, his treasured moments of respite are invariably spent in the embrace of nature. His close affinity to the natural world is evident in his work, particularly due to his residence on the picturesque island of Corsica. Nestled amidst a rich tapestry of varied landscapes and enveloped by a plethora of wildlife, this island home serves as Maccioni’s primary wellspring of inspiration. This intimate connection with nature pervades his artistic oeuvre, significantly shaping the thematic underpinnings of his work. When it comes to the art world, he also attributes inspiration to an experience where he found himself profoundly struck by Philippe Pasqua’s exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. The artistic centerpiece that particularly resonated with him was a gigantic shark sculpture crafted from stainless steel. Suspended by the tail from an immense gantry, the shark, a metaphor for the protection of marine creatures, left an indelible impression on Maccioni and touched on his own desire to protect animals. Maccioni’s dream transcends mere artistic creation; it encompasses the proliferation of his artistic voice. His goal, in essence, is to ensure that his artworks, much like the steel shark, continue to leave lasting impressions and inspire others to protect animals and wildlife across the globe.




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