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Nora Zaring

Nora Zaring

Nora has been painting for more than 25 years and works in both oils and acrylics. Her landscapes, inspired from travels and time in nature, are not only beautifully painted reflections of the outer world, but our own inner world as well reflecting themes like hope, joy, love, and peace.  


When she is not painting, she is busy founding organizations including art organizations, co-ops, and non-profits.  She co-founded Inside Out: Accessible Art with several other artists and began showing and selling her art in 2013. She was also a regular art instructor there with monthly classes. Before retirement, Nora was the education coordinator at Home Sweet Home Ministries, a local homeless shelter. It was there that she began to understand the healing power of art. People became more engaged and more willing to address their problems when art was a part of their lives. Out of this, Threshold to Hope was born. This nonprofit has been offering hope and healing through art since 2017. Nora’s greatest joy is seeing people light up when they realize they CAN be creative!

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