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Alopecians Animated Series created by Charlie Villanueva x FUTAKU Studios

 An Evolution of Art, Animation, and Advocacy Through Collaborative Empowerment

The encounter between Art Legal, Futaku Studios, and Charlie Villanueva, the visionary behind the Alopecian project, during the bustling Art Basel Miami and DCentral, marked not just a fortuitous meeting, but the genesis of a collaborative endeavor shaping the future of art, animation, and community empowerment.



In a serendipitous encounter during the vibrant Art Basel Miami and DCentral events in South Beach and Southern Florida, last year, Kimberly Babin, the founder of Art Legal, crossed paths with Michael Fukunaga, the visionary behind FUTAKU Studios, an animation powerhouse. This chance meeting sparked a collaboration that set the stage for a transformative journey in the realm of art, animation, and community empowerment.  It was during this encounter that Art Legal also was introduced to the groundbreaking Alopecia project. The Alopecians is an animated series designed to empower the Alopecia community, created by Charlie Villanueva x FUTAKU Studios, as an NFT launchpad and animated series, released in the Summer 2022.

Alopecia is a medical condition that causes partial or complete hair loss on the scalp or body, resulting from the immune system mistakenly attacking hair follicles. It can affect people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. For children and adults alike, Alopecia can have a significant emotional and psychological impact beyond the physical aspect of hair loss. It can challenge one's self-esteem, body image, and confidence, often leading to feelings of social stigma, anxiety, and stress. Coping with Alopecia might involve adjusting to changes in appearance, managing societal perceptions, and navigating potential misconceptions about the condition. Support networks, education, and fostering a positive environment are crucial in helping individuals affected by Alopecia cope with its emotional effects and embrace their unique identities. For the Alopecians, FUTAKU Studios, and Art Legal, those living with Alopecia and the families supporting loved ones who experience the condition, are simply, beautiful, and powerful. Together, they hope to work to show the world their beauty while dispelling false perceptions and stigma.


Art Legal, renowned for its expertise in art advisement and curatorial service, as well as navigating the intricate landscape of the art world, joined forces with Futaku Studios, an animation studio known for its innovation and creative prowess. The fusion between these entities took flight through their association with an extended reality platform linked with Art Legal, marking a strategic step toward reshaping the art and animation landscape as well as their connections with diverse communities.


Futaku Studios, under the visionary guidance of Michael Fukunaga, has been a trailblazer in animation, housing a collective of animators, character designers, and digital artists from around the globe. Their collaborative ethos is at the core of each creation, amplifying narratives and visions through artistry. Propelled by his family's rich history and legacy in the anime industry through Funimation, he developed an ardent interest in anime and the stories it tells. While not directly involved in animation creation, Fukunaga serves as the Writer and Director for Futaku's animations, collaborating with a diverse team that brings these visions to life.


The synergy between Art Legal and Futaku Studios transcends traditional boundaries, as they envision a future where art, animation, and advocacy converge seamlessly. Their joint efforts extend beyond the creative sphere, fostering empowerment through projects like the Alopician series—an animated venture designed to empower the Alopecia community. The launch of the project through Futaku Studios' marks a significant step toward industry inclusivity and empowerment through animation.

This partnership has also seen collaboration with an extended reality platform associated with Art Legal, furthering their commitment to innovation. Through this amalgamation of expertise and creativity, they aim to redefine artistic expression and champion creativity and the unique communities, like those touched by Alopecia, in an ever-evolving digital and creative landscape.


As this collaboration continues to evolve, it underscores the transformative potential of interdisciplinary partnerships in driving artistic innovation, legal advocacy, and community empowerment. Follow The Alopecians, Art Legal, and FUTAKU Studios to witness the unfolding of this transformative journey, a union that stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities when creativity, artistic expertise, and technological innovation, inclusivity and compassion intertwine.

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