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Artist Application

Join a global network of award-winning international artists.

When you join, you will be connecting with our Exclusive First-Class world-wide circle of collectors, patrons, art Enthusiasts, gallerists, museum directors, and other professionals at the heart of the art market.



Thank you for your interest in becoming a select artist with Art Legal's premiere source for curation, Kimberly Babin Arts Advisory! We carefully select quality artistry and works from top artists around the world to share with our collectors and clients.

Select artists will be considered for exhibition opportunities, special features, interviews, and curatorial projects and catalogues will be introduced to collectors, galleries and other entities that may be interested in work. 


Our artists complete an application which requests an artist statement, 3 images or video clips (or catalogue), links to art/artist page, explanation of what goals you have we can help you to achieve, and an application fee, which all must be submitted for committee review. Applicants are notified typically within 2-3 weeks, and at times sooner if you were recommended by one of our curators as a sought-after artist.

We work to stay updated on your current work, exhibitions, your available artwork, and cur

Artist Application Fee

Please complete the google form and submit payment.


Thank you for applying!

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