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Sam Haynes Work 1.jpg

Sam Haynes

Sam Haynes

BABY BLUES, Sam Haynes, 27.56 x 21.85 in, 2021 was just one of her works featured in our premiere virtual exhibition and her metaverse debut. Sam Haynes is an artist who merges sculpture, photography, and lighting in imaginative ways transmuting the most ordinary objects into the extraordinary.

Her intuitive process for her contemporary mixed media work, utilizes materials such as fabric, foam, tubing, and grid forms, combine a rhythmical, systematic design and geometric structure with softer, flexible elements that take shape more organically. Her assemblages are then carefully lit and photographed, finally exhibited as photographic prints. Sam believes the lighting of her sculptural work is an integral element of the artwork itself.

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Sam Haynes Work 2.jpg
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Sam Haynes Work 1.jpg

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