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Art Advisement & Consulting

Integrity & Ethics in Every Transaction
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Art Legal is the leader in art consulting and advisement. Our expert advisors, consultants, and curators serve individuals, non-profits, museums, corporations, collectors, artists, and other art institutions.

Collection Management

We help manage private & public collections in every way.  Whether a newly forming collection or a well -established body of work, we assist with every aspect including preservation and best care practices, storage, databases, promotions, managing communications, press releases, and creating catalogues and other publications. We also offer services to help with board formations, research, and provenance research and documentation. Art Legal leads with ethics in mind and works to ensure your collection will hold its value for generations to come by meeting todays rigorous and ever evolving ethical and legal considerations. 


Art Legal can elevate your space through the personalized curation of artwork that is both individual and inspirational. Art has the power to reflect your identity and values, capture your culture, transform a space, tell a story, and strengthen design.

Our curators and design team work together to deliver carefully curated environments with your style and goals in mind. We work with individuals for their living & entertaining spaces, offices, and other environments. We know one space may call for ambience and mood, and for another clarity, peace of mind, and another productivity.  We also work with corporations, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and offices in curating a cohesive and elevated body of artwork that reflects the entities personality and values. 


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