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Kent Broadbent

Kent Broadbent

“The fun of creating is going from a single line to a bold and vibrant abstract piece of work. I hope that when people see my finished work, they find the joy that I lived creating the work of art.”

Kent Broadbent's artwork exudes an undeniable sense of joy that emanates from his vibrant color palette and dynamic personal style. He considers life itself as an endless source of inspiration, and his artistic endeavors reflect his deep appreciation for its beauty. While he primarily leans towards abstract expressionism, he occasionally indulges in the exploration of abstract landscapes, drawing inspiration from scenes that captivate his imagination.


Over the years, Kent has honed his skills in the captivating combination of cold wax and oil, reveling in the medium's unique ability to convey depth and richness. His distinct artistic voice has garnered him numerous accolades, awards, and his captivating paintings adorn the walls of his patrons, collectors, and public venues. Galleries and private spaces alike vibrate with colors, energy, and expression his work brings to any room. 


Every new piece of artwork created by Kent Broadbent begins with a single line. Whether it's an old No. 2 pencil or a stick of charcoal, that line marks the inception of a captivating artistic journey. Uncertain of where the painting will ultimately lead, Kent fearlessly dives into the process of creation, adding layers of paint and selectively removing others to reveal the history within, all in pursuit of achieving his desired aesthetic. Through his artistic expression, he invites viewers to immerse themselves in the kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, dynamic forms, and the unadulterated joy that radiates from each piece.

Squircle II

Cold Wax and Oil on Panel
24 x 24 x 2

$1,200.00 USD plus fees



Cold Wax and Oil on Panel
24 x 24 x 2

$800.00 USD Plus fees


Kiss the Sky

Cold Wax and Oil on Panel
36 x 36 x 2

$2,000.00 USD Plus Fees

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