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Dave Fulghum

Dave Fulghum

The work of award-winning photographer, Dave Fulghum, is panoptic.

An avid outdoorsman and adventurer, Dave developed his eye for landscape and travel photography while living in the Intermountain West region of the United States and on excursions around the globe, at times with his son by his side.


His love of exploration, hiking, and his many expeditions have informed his approach and eye for breathtaking scenery. In applying architectural photography techniques to mountains, mesas and buttes, Dave has cultivated a truly unique approach and successfully developed his highly recognizable signature photographic style.

While much of his portfolio centers on the bountiful natural world of landscapes, nature, and travel, he also has embraced portraiture and architectural studies and even the occasional abstraction. His knowledge of these diverse disciplines allows for him to produce an impressive body of unique glimpses of our world, and sometimes, its inhabitants. 

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   I   C   E   L   A   N   D

The Legacy Project is a series of artistic photographic works, exhibitions, and accompanying high-quality photography books, featuring many of Fulghum's journeys across the globe. The Iceland version reflects Dave's reverence for both naturally occurring beauty and the juxtaposition of structural-man-made forms. The book features a collection of stunning, awe-evoking, photographic works from Dave Fulghum, alongside the work of his emerging photographer son, Sean. The concept was created as they explored, traveled, and captured, the beauty of Icelandic terrains and architecture -- together.

The works are featured in this high-quality, pristine, full-color book, hand-laid out by both the artists and their publisher who specializing in crafting stunning art books.

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