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Lyle Salmi

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Lyle Salmi

Lyle James Salmi's artistic journey traces back to his idyllic upbringing amidst the abundant lakes, streams, and untamed wilderness of Northeastern Minnesota. The roots of his creative inspiration run deep, as he spent a significant part of his summers at the family-owned cabin on Bear Island Lake, a cherished retreat since 1962.

This natural environment, combined with his experiences living in the Desert Southwest, played a pivotal role in shaping his unique approach to contemporary abstract painting. It laid the very foundation for his distinctive abstract impressions of light and form. Salmi's artistic wanderings have also taken him to the scenic coastal landscapes of Maine, where he draws inspiration from the pristine beauty of the region.

Salmi's artwork is a captivating fusion of styles, often described as "Abstract Impressionism." His creations delve into the interplay between the tactile quality of a painted surface and the ethereal suggestion of light and space that lies just beyond. 

Each of his paintings serves as an exploration, a deep dive into the intricate qualities of light, experienced both in the present moment and as a recollection of a specific place. These paintings, while not tied to any particular scenic vista, transcend into archetypes of the art-making process. The brushstrokes and vibrant hues he employs reinforce the notion of painting as an abstract expression.

Within Salmi's work, there exists a delicate balance between the seen and the unseen, resulting in a truly individual and immersive experience with each piece.



Artist: Lyle Salmi

Media: Oil on Canvas

Size: 10 in x10in

Inquire for price, fees, and crating and shipping costs.



Artist: Lyle Salmi

Media: Oil on Panel

Size: 10in x 10in

Inquire for crating and shipping costs

Winter Sun.JPG

Winter Sun

Artist: Lyle Salmi

Media: Oil on Panel

Size: 12in x12in

Inquire for price, fees, crating and shipping costs.

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