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Fadi Balhawan

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Fadi Balhawan 

Fadi Balhawan is a Lebanese artist who has made a name for himself with his unique art style. His work is characterized by the use of written words, much like calligraphy, to create intricate drawings and designs. The words that make up the drawings tell a story, with many of them taken from the Quran, Bible, or from famous literature such as that of Gebran Khalil Gebran.


Born and raised in Lebanon, Balhawan was exposed to the rich cultural heritage of his country from a young age. He was particularly drawn to the Arabic script and the beauty of the written word. This led him to pursue a career in art, with a focus on calligraphy and the use of written words as a medium. Balhawan's work is characterized by its intricate designs, which are created by carefully arranging words and letters in a specific pattern. The resulting images are striking, with a strong sense of movement and flow. 

The Enchanting World of Fadi Balhawan
Weaving Tales of the “Black Tulip” Through Captivating Artistry
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