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Vince Briffa

Vince Briffa

My work centres on the co-existence of dualities. It treads blurred borders and investigates uncertain divides between opposing poles. It synthesizes extremities and acts as a seam that binds together disparate realities. 

Uncertain of its own actuality, it questions its own being.

I am not a painter or sculptor; I am also not a filmmaker or a writer.

I produce 'work'. 

It is my vocabulary. It is the vehicle that best embodies my thoughts and connects all my creative output.


AWARDS: 2019 ‘Omaggio all’Arte ed all’Innovazione a Venezia 2019’ by The Union of Honorary Consuls of Italy (UCOI) and the National Association of Young Innovators (ANGI) - Venice Biennale, 2019 - Arts Council Malta.



Vince Briffa After Sagan 2013.jpeg

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