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NBA Stars Unite with FUTAKU Studios, Artist Dora Reynosa, and Heritage Auctions to Unveil “Stronger Together” Signed Basketball: A Slam Dunk for Alopecia Awareness

Updated: Feb 12

In a unique and inspired collaboration, former NBA player Charlie Villanueva and rising star Jordan Walsh have teamed up with the visionary artists at FUTAKU Studios and the talented Dallas based artist Dora ‘Byzeneth’ Reynosa. Their mission? To create a truly unique basketball masterpiece that celebrates the unwavering solidarity and strength of the Alopecia community and a slam dunk for art and sports collectors alike.

Former NBA Player Charlie Villanueva with the #strongertogther basketball.

The Alopecians: From Animated Teaser to Real-World Impact

Back in November 2022, Charlie Villanueva and FUTAKU Studios’ Director, Mike Fukunaga, dropped news they were cooking up an animated series called The Alopecians. This groundbreaking show revolves around Alopecia and the superpowers that make those with Alopecia Superhero's and a world where hair loss is less a condition and more a cosmic gift! The Alopecians deliver a powerful message of hope, empowering those with Alopecia to embrace their uniqueness.

But Charlie didn’t stop there. He launched an online platform called Alopecia.Community, alongside the nonprofit organization founded by his older brother, Rob Villanueva (who’s also the CEO). This online platform is like a global Alopecia family reunion. From forums with celebrity guests to insightful Q&A sessions, Alopecia.Community is a lifeline for people worldwide. It’s where warriors share stories, find support, and educate themselves about this extraordinary condition.

The #strongertogether basketball is estimated to garner well over $2,000. Beyond leather, sports icons, and art; it’s a symbol of unity. Created by the talented local artist, Dora Reynosa, this one-of-a-kind piece is aptly named “Stronger Together” highlighting how the former NBA stars are skilled team players on and off the court and captures the unbreakable bond between Charlie Villanueva and Jordan Walsh. These two hoop enthusiasts have been each other’s rock throughout their careers. They’ve dribbled through victories, slam-dunked through setbacks, and alley-ooped their way to friendship. But it’s not just about basketball – it’s about art, creativity, passion, and resilience, compassion, and standing tall even when life throws a full-court press.

To propel their cause forward, Charlie, Jordan, and FUTAKU Studios have teamed up with Heritage Auctions. This February 2024, they’re launching a charity auction that’ll make waves in the Alopecia community. The spotlight? You guessed it – the magnificent “Stronger Together” basketball.

Heritage Auctions was in full support of the project. Mike Provenzale, production manager for Heritage Auctions Sports Department commented, “Heritage is so pleased to partner with FUTAKU Studios to present collectors with an amazing item that combines the worlds of sports and art with every dollar from the sale going to an amazing cause. Providing collectors with the opportunity to own beautiful and unique collectibles like this is the heart of our business and when it can benefit such an incredible community it makes the experience very special."

Heritage Auctions is an American multi-national auction house based in Dallas, Texas and considered arguably the largest collectibles auctioneer and third largest auction house in the world. It specializes in a range of items, such as art, coins, comics, currency, luxury handbags, sports memorabilia, wine, historical items, books, real estate, and more. Some of its notable sales include a painting by Albert Bierstadt for $212,5001, a copy of Action Comics #1 for $408,000, and a complete hero Imperial Stormtrooper costume from Star Wars for $300,000.

So, whether you’re a die-hard art collector, basketball fan, an Alopecia warrior, or just someone who believes in the power of unity, keep your eyes on that auction block. Because when the gavel falls, it won’t just be a winning bid – it’ll be a slam dunk for Alopecia awareness. And remember, we’re all #StrongerTogether

To bid on the “Stronger Together” basketball and support the Alopecia community, visit Heritage Auctions website and register for the Winter Platinum Online Auction. To learn more about the story behind the piece and the impact of The Alopecians, watch for the short documentary that will be released on FUTAKU Studios website and YouTube channel. To join the Alopecia community and access forums, Q&As, and resources, visit Alopecia.Community website. To discover more about the art and animation services offered by FUTAKU Studios and Art Legal, visit their websites and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Art Legal, serving as an arts advisory and arts consulting firm for a diverse array of top international artists, facilitated the partnering of FUTAKU Studios and Heritage Auctions, recognizing them as their preferred animation studio. Art Legal is an art consulting firm that provides various services to clients in the art world, such as curation services, collection management, artist representation, and a collector’s club with a focus on a move to a more transparent and ethical art market. Artists, collectors, and institutions interested in Art Legal services including curation, arts consulting, collection management, and artists agency can visit or join the collector’s club at Membership | Art Legal ( or shop art here: Shop Art | Art Legal (

Futaku Studios is a boutique animation studio that specializes in creating Japanese-inspired animations based on existing intellectual properties. For example, they have collaborated with professional sports teams, top athletes, musicians, and actors to transform their stories into anime series. Futaku Studios | Art Legal ( or here FUTAKU — FUTAKU (

To learn more about the art and animation services offered by FUTAKU Studios and Art Legal, visit their websites and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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