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A Fantasy, Fairy Tale, and Florals

Enveloped in inspiration drawn from the forthcoming exhibit at the Met, "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion," and the floral-infused theme of the Met Gala, "Blossom & Beyond," we find ourselves captivated by the recent enchantments of Paris Fashion Week and the flourishing embrace of floral design and botanical motifs in the art world. Notably, our anticipation is heightened by the recent Saint Louis Art Museum's Art in Bloom and the (less than a month away) upcoming Milwaukee Art Museums' Floral Fashion Runway Show and Art Party, both on the horizon.

This convergence of influential exhibits and events serves as the muse for our meticulously curated selection of artworks. Among these, we proudly present Jvdas Berra's ethereal masterpiece, "Drowning Princess," Lyle Salmi's mesmerizing creation, "Emerge," and Mandy Roeing's captivating "Eternal Rose" series. This collection, akin to a flourishing garden, boasts a myriad of other stunning artworks that reflect the harmonious fusion of nature and artistic expression.

Morning, Lyle Salmi, Oil on Panel, 12in x12in Inquire at Lyle Salmi | Art Legal (

Just days after an unusually eventful and creative Paris Fashion Week and a flurry of countless runway shows this season featuring conceptual ‘wearable art,’ the cross over between the art and fashion world have become even closer with the two worlds flirting to the point of danger of a full-on kiss. In the center of the Dior show were pieces by artist Shakuntala Kulkarni — “sculptural silhouettes,” as the house put it, that emphasize the power of the female form.

The Balenciaga show pushed boundaries, with unconventional combinations creating daring looks. Imagine evening gowns made from countless bras fastened together or shirts and skirts melded by duct tape. Miu Miu featured colored knits paired with voluminous skirts adorned with graphic floral print. Loewe's FW24 collection provocatively pronounced florals against bold solid belts and last year’s Jun Takahashi show is still giving inspiration from the Undercover show that created one of the buzziest moments of the season's past, featuring three sculptural, softly -lit looks with living terrarium dresses – complete with real flowers – before closing the show complete with live butterflies.

Eternal Rose 2, Mandy Roeing, Soft Pastel, 6" x 6" (in frame size 23" x 27" 2-23)

Meanwhile cutting-edge curation and technology will together reveal precious masterpieces of fashion as they’ve never been seen before at next year’s Costume Institute exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Spring 2024 exhibit will be entitled “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” Approximately 250 items drawn from the Costume Institute’s permanent collection—some very rarely seen in public before—will be displayed in an entirely new way. Max Hollein, The Met’s Marina Kellen French Director and CEO, said: “The Met’s innovative spring 2024 Costume Institute exhibition will push the boundaries of our imagination and invite us to experience the multisensory facets of a garment.” Andrew Bolton, Wendy Yu Curator, reportedly said: “Fashion is one of the most emotional artistic forms because of its connection to the body. It is imbued with memory and emotions, and we relate to it very much via our senses. One thing I hope this show will activate is that sensorial appreciation of fashion.”

Welding art, fashion, fantasy, flora & fauna, Art Legal's Kai & Indigo Gallery invites you to indulge in a realm where art, fashion, and nature seamlessly intertwine.  Immerse yourself in curated collections that burst forth with vibrant hues, intricate design and artistry. We present a harmonious fusion created by visionary artists. Whether at the Met Gala or strolling through a sun-kissed garden, these pieces transform you into a living canvas.

Inspired by the captivating theme of the Met Gala, and the Sleeping Beauties: Fashion Reawakened, our gallery resonates with themes somewhere between dreams and awaking and the slumber of winter meeting the slow embracive warmth promised by spring. As we meticulously select artworks, we celebrate nature’s rebirth. Lyle Salmi, the alchemist, captures the essence of nature and natural light. Alongside him, Jvdas Berra wields an ethereal lens, and Mandy Roeing weave’s petals of soft pastels into stunning works. Whether you’re at the Met Gala or strolling through a sun-kissed garden, these pieces transform you into a living canvas, where art, fashion, and nature seamlessly intertwine.

Drowning Princess in Pink, Jvdas Berra, Limited Edition Photography 31" x 44.1" Inquire at Jvdas Berra | Art Legal (

We’ve meticulously selected artworks and as flowers emerge and unfold, so do our artists’ visions. Lyle Salmi’s lines and light, Jvdas Berra’s ethereal lens, and Mandy Roeing’s soft pastels converge in a symphony of creativity transports us to otherworldly realms where fashion and fantasy converge, blurring the lines between reality and dream and Mandy Roeing’s soft pastels evoking rain-kissed petals and “eternal roses” showcasing the resilience of beauty long after the storm.


In the delicate dance between art and fashion, a captivating renaissance unfolds—a fusion of creativity and renewal. Inspired by the Met Gala’s “The Garden of Time" dress code, "Blossom & Beyond,” theme and The Met's upcoming exhibition, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” we curate a selection of artworks from Art Legal’s Kai & Indigo Gallery that embrace the essence of spring sensualness.

"Emerge", Lyle Salmi, 8" x 8", Media: Oil on Panel Inquire at Art Legal's Kai & Indigo Gallery Artists | Art Legal (


 The Met Gala’s theme draws inspiration from the concept of reawakening. Salmi’s art often explores transformation, metamorphosis, and the cyclical nature of life. His use of vibrant colors and dreamlike imagery perhaps symbolize the awakening of dormant creativity and beauty.


Ice, Lyle Salmi, Oil on Pane, 10in x 10inInquire for crating and shipping costs Lyle Salmi | Art Legal (

Salmi’s paintings often feature natural elements—flowers, landscapes, and celestial bodies and the "garden" of time. His abstract compositions evoke emotions, memories, and the intangible. Perhaps his paintings serve as portals to hidden gardens—the inner landscapes waiting to reawaken.


Mandy Roeing’s experience in artistic floral design comes through soft pastels, a beautiful and versatile medium that she is passionate about sharing with others through both her works.

Artists | Art Legal ( Eternal Rose 3, Mandy Roeing, Soft Paste, 7 x 5 in Framed Size: 14 x 16 in 2023

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